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My “track record”

1989-’93: Licensed in physiotherapy, K.U.L.

1993-’99: Doctor in physiotherapy, K.U.L. (research on the merit of exercise tests in heart faily and hypertensia)

2000-2007: Service Physical Medicine, U.Z. Gasthuisberg: responsible for administering exercise tests and testsing physical strength on patients suffering from CFS, fibromyalgia, back complaints, obesity, breast cancer a.o.

since 1997: active triathlete (78 triathlons, 7 times top 10 ranking in Belgian QuarterTriathlon Championships)

ACSM Health and Fitness Instructor-teacher

Teacher Training methods, Exercise physiology (Trainer level B), planning & periodising (Trainer level A) at the Flemish school of Training (Bloso)

Please remember to bring your SIS-card and Health Insurance sticker with you.
If you have an appointment with Dr. Vermylen or Karel Pardaens, also remember to bring or wear sport clothes.

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