Dr. Jean-Pierre Biscompte

Vascular and Microvascular surgery and Lymphology

Consult Endocard: By appointment on Wednesday



Zara Van de Ven

Clinical and health psychology - sportpsychology

Consult appointment.

Psychological counseling to adolescents (16 +) and adults.

Work areas:
Stress and burnout, anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, phase of life problems, chronic pain, psychosomatic illness.

Sports psychological counseling - optimize performance by teaching mental skills.


Dorien Wuyts

Clinical psychologist

Certified EMDR trauma therapist for children, adolescents and adults. (For EMDR therapy, see www.emdr-belgium.be).


In addition to the treatment of trauma (in the broad sense), I also use these techniques in an efficient approach to anxiety and stress-related problems in both children and adults.


From my PhD background in motivational and developmental psychology, I also bring that background in therapy as support for clients' problems.


I am also a child therapist; instead of a 1-on-1 conversation, therapy with young children is through play; observation, trust, and game therapeutic techniques play an important role in this. I combine this with parent and family discussions.


Psychologist list approval number:: 852108014

Member of the Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists

Member of EMDR Belgium; active member committee EMDR Belgium children and adolescents



Mailin Oey

M.Sc.- dietician - sportsnutritionist - health coach

From July 1st 2018 on Mailin Oey will be our new nutrionist/healthcoach.

Appointment:  dietiste.mailin@gmail.com
0484/80 15 06
You can contact me
- for personalized advice
- healthy food - sports nutrition
- slimming
- vegetarianism
- nutrition during pregnancy and lactation
- diet with high cholesterol
- diet with high blood pressure
- diabetes
- underweight
- allergies or intolerances
- ...

1st consultation: 55 euro
2nd consultation: 40 euro
from 3rd consultation onwards: 25 euro

Note: an appointment can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance. This allows us to schedule other patients in the diary. If you do not cancel a scheduled appointment in time, you will be charged an administrative fee of 25 euros.


Lieve Govaerts

Ergotherapiest and Excercise coach

Today, unfortunately, many people fall through the cracks when it comes to regular care.

The need to move is present in everyone, only the motivation is lacking.

I get the satisfaction when I get people moving.

My goal is to take care of these people and to guide them in a pleasant, safe way so that they can move more.

Important in this is the fact that I want to work with them on a structural improvement, in other words it is more than just a one-off exercise session between daily activities.

I strongly believe that I can do my bit to create a more active lifestyle for all people in the spacious surroundings of the Hageland.

The first small steps that we take together form the basis for later success.

And certainly not to forget, having a nice session is a must!




Please remember to bring your SIS-card and Health Insurance sticker with you.
If you have an appointment with Dr. Vermylen or Karel Pardaens, also remember to bring or wear sport clothes.

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